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Operation Guide

The procedure is performed under a general anesthetic. Some breasts require an implant (to restore volume) as well as a lift, to produce a more youthful appearance.

Lifting the breast will involve a certain amount of extra scarring. This may be restricted to the area around the nipple (circumareolar) or extend onto the breast (lollipop or anchor).

In performing a mastopexy it is slightly more common (if you have enough breast tissue) to place the implants over the muscle.

Closing your incisions

Your incisions will be closed with either dissolvable or removable sutures.

Your surgeon may place a drain on each side to remove unwanted fluid from around your implants. These are usually removed prior to discharge. Occasionally drains need to be left in place for a little longer.

Preparing to go home

Your breast implants need to be held in their new position, so you will require a surgical support bra to stay in place for a two to four-week period after breast lift and enlargement surgery. During this time you must restrict your activity to ensure the breast implants are not disturbed. Your surgeon may also recommend an upper pole strap to hold your breasts in the desired position.

Your first post-operative consultation will take place approximately seven to 10 days after your surgery.

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