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Face With Lower And Upper Eyes

To achieve a balanced look it is often very effective to perform a facelift in conjunction with other surgeries, particular the eye area, which can display prominent tell-tale signs of ageing.

A facelift  or ‘rhytidectomy’  is very effective in reversing the signs of ageing. Surgery has moved on considerably from the taught, ‘stretched’ look, and most modern facelifts now carefully manipulate the deeper facial tissues and re-drape the skin to produce a fresher, natural, more youthful appearance.

The classical facelift targets the lower part of the face and the neck, visibly improving the appearance of a slack, loose jaw line, reducing the deposits or folds of fat around the neckline and successfully minimising deep creases between the nose and mouth.


Upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is combined give a balanced result and to avoid a downward slanting look.

The procedure will take place in the same manner described above with your surgeon working on the upper lids first.


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