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Non Surgical Breast Enlargement

Alternatives to breast implants are available and there are a variety of non surgical breast enhancement techniques. Suction devices and other ‘natural’ alternatives may be suitable for patients who wish to avoid implants but you may be disappointed with the results.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer from another part of your body is a feasible but intensive method of adding a small amount of volume to the breasts also known as Lipomodelling. In general, these techniques cannot as yet compare with the long lasting, reliable volume and shape obtained with breast implantation.


This is breast enlargement using your own body tissue. There is virtually no scarring – small 1 – 2mm incisions at the points where the fat is harvested and at the point where it is injected. Once the fat survives it is there for life. It is ‘natural’ breast enlargement.


It is only suitable for a select few – those who only want a modest increase in size and whose breast shape is suitable to begin with. Even a modest increase in size requires a large amount of fat harvest and so it is not suited for those who are already slim.

In terms of surgery, there may be the need for several procedures to reach the desired outcome under a general anaesthetic because fat survival is unpredictable.