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Non Surgical Breast Enlargement

Alternatives to breast implants are available and there are a variety of non-surgical breast enhancement techniques. Suction devices and other ‘natural’ alternatives may be suitable for patients who wish to avoid implants however our specialist breast surgeons think you may be disappointed with the results and now there’s a very successful alternative. Fat Transfer also known as Lipomodelling is a good alternative to breast enlargement with implants since it is less invasive than inserting implants but more effective and long lasting than other “non-surgical” procedures which do not tend to work.

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There are multiple reasons women opt for a fat transfer, also known as fat injection, over implants; the main is that in addition to fuller breasts, you also get a more contoured body. Also, the fat is your own so there’s peace of mind knowing there isn’t a foreign object inside you.

The operation involves fat being liposuctioned from one part of the body where it is in excess and injected into another that requires augmentation, this will improve volume and change proportion and offers long lasting results. Fat transfer procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Breast enlargement with fat transfer is as an alternative to implants and may be used to balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore one cup size of volume. Patients who require a small increase in size and present enough fat to transfer from other areas such as the legs or tummy are suitable. Your surgeon will advise you on the best way to proceed and the most suitable approach to reach your desired profile at your consultation.

Fat augmentation may also be used as an alternative to facial fillers or implants, and to restore volume in the buttock region.

It’s advisable to take one week off work and not return to normal activity for 6 weeks. It’s important to stop smoking two weeks prior to any type of surgery.

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer is not suitable for patients with a low body mass. For a natural looking breast augmentation, it is now more common for breast implants to be placed under the muscles (dual-plane) to disguise the upper edge of the implant, and there is even an increasing trend towards teardrop shaped “anatomical” implants.

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