Learn how our specialist patient co-ordinators ensure that your surgery, here at Mybreast, is made to be as quick and as effortless as possible.

Patient Co-ordinators

Our Patient Coordinators play an invaluable role in your experience at MyBreast. They will follow you through your journey with your surgeon.

‘Care and regular communication are by far the most important parts of my job. One of MyBreast’s four main principles is consistency, and just like the surgeons, Patient Coordinators stay with the same patient from beginning to end. Many patients have been thinking about surgery for years, so it’s a huge decision. Some are more nervous than others and need more regular one-to-one contact. It depends upon the person.’

‘I’ve never worked for any other cosmetic surgery company, and I wouldn’t. The service we offer is so special. We’re accessible and available to everyone, but still offer a personal service. Patients have told me that MyBreast is different to other clinics: not pushy and never making them feel forced into surgery.’

‘I call patients before and after consultations to make sure they’re OK, and once they are booked in for surgery, I stay in regular contact. I call the week prior to surgery to go over things again and then post-surgery to check on their recovery. I also look after the surgeons, attend clinics with them and meet the patients. I give out my direct line and email address so patients can get in touch at any time.’

‘For me, this job is all about providing an exceptional service. When my patients are happy and have everything they need, I’m happy. I know every woman who comes through our door is in the best possible hands. That’s what keeps me going.’

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