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Living a nightmare with Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implants?

4 years ago the PIP implant scandal broke and is still very much in the public eye. The Government set up an expert committee to investigate which included some of the UK’s most senior plastic surgeons as well as a founding Director of MyBreast*, Mr Simon Withey.  *(MyBreast Surgeons are all highly qualified experts and have only ever used the highest quality implants, steering well away from inferior products including PIP.)

MyBreast surgeons strive to set an example of professionalism and safety in the cosmetic surgery industry and will never compromise on quality. They will often see patients who have had PIP implants, implanted at less honourable clinics in the UK and abroad who have not supported the Government’s and NHS’s recommendations for PIP implant aftercare and removal.

MyBreast have never used PIP Implants but are offering to see PIP Implant patients for a minimal £25 surgical charge for the consultation,  the advice given, throughout all of their clinics around the country, can be trusted as the best cosmetic surgery advice in the UK.

Should you wish to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact MyBreast patient advisors by calling 0333 256 8924 or register a callback request

  • Be informed
    Contact your surgical provider and request details as to the type of implants that were used. If you find out that you have had PIP implants inserted you should request a meeting with your surgeon or seek independent surgical advice.
  • Be properly examined
    Your surgeon should examine you and will probably suggest that a scan is performed to determine the integrity of the implants.
  • Know your options
    If there is any suggestion of rupture or silicon leakage from the implants, it will be sensible to perform an implant removal, with or without an implant replacement. If the Implants are not ruptured and you do not wish to have them replaced, or your surgeon feels that the risk of replacing them is too great, then it would be sensible for you to be seen by a surgeon for a review on an annual basis. You should seek further advice if you see further changes in your breast.
  • What if my PIP Implants are faulty or I simply want them replaced for peace of mind?
    If your implants are ruptured your surgeon will discuss implant removal, they will also discuss the issues of implant replacement and the issues of failing to replace them. You may have lumpiness around the breast implants or in the lymph nodes around the breast and in the armpit, if this is the case these will be investigated with the use of a scan. It may be necessary to take small samples from them with a needle to examine the appearance of the cells. Under normal circumstances a limited amount of swelling of the lymph nodes can be left, however  if there is significant swelling of the lymph nodes you may be advised to have surgery to deal with this at the same time as removing the implants.
  • Changes you should be aware of that could ring alarm bells!
    Change in shape or appearance of the breast, a change in the feel of the breast, lumpiness in the breast or lumpiness in the armpit or side of the chest. Any discomfort in the breast or nipple discharge. If any one of these conditions occur you should seek advice from a qualified plastic surgeon preferably a member of BAAPS or BAPRAS.
  • What if I choose to do nothing but know I have PIP Implants?
    If following a discussion with your surgeon you decide to keep your PIP breast implants you would be well advised to make arrangements for a regular review with your surgeon. This would normally be performed without charge.

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