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Plymouth, The McDiarmid-Hall Clinic

The McDiarmid-Hall Clinic
Plymouth Science Park
Davy Road

The McDiarmid-Hall Clinic

The McDiarmid-Hall Clinic is a specialist cosmetic surgery clinic in the South West of England where you will meet your MyBreast Cosmetic Surgeon.

The aim of having your consultation here is to help patients who are considering plastic surgery to make informed decisions on the safest, most effective and most appropriate procedure for them. The Clinic is a surgeon led practice – this means that you will see the surgeon from start to finish and not just on the day of your operation.

McDiarmid-Hall Clinic specialises in breast surgery (augmentation reduction and uplift) facial surgery (face, neck and browlift), rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), upper and lower eyelid surgery and body recontouring surgery (tummy tuck and liposuction).

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