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Rhinoplasty With Graft

Many rhinoplasty procedures involve adding tissue in the form of grafts to increase the size or build upon the shape of the nose. A graft will also support the nose and ensure the end result is as natural as possible. This form of surgery is called augmentation rhinoplasty.

The surgeon will take a graft of bone or cartilage from the patient’s body. Bone may be harvested from the hip, rib, elbow or outer surface of the skull and will not affect the donor bone in any way. Alternatively, ‘surplus’ cartilage can be retrieved from the ear or inside of the nose.

Although synthetic materials have been successfully applied in these instances, using the patient’s own tissue prevents the possibility of rejection, which may occur when a foreign material is inserted into the body.

The procedure will be performed as primary rhinoplasty with the addition of the graft.

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