Eileen Carr - Breast Reduction

"Eileen Carr - Breast Reduction"

When I first made my enquiries about a breast reduction with several different companies I spoke to a few reps, but when I spoke to Michelle from MyBreast my dream started to turn into reality. From the start her non pushy approach made me feel at ease and she and Amy went out of their way to fit me in for a consultation and surgery within a tight timeframe as I had a new job to start.

I met with Mr Hagen Schumacher who I felt immediately at ease with, bearing all to a stranger is not something a woman with body issues does lightly but he was so genteel and understanding that I felt instantly that I could actually do this!

The day of surgery came, and although I had a wait as I was not first in the queue, I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon, being kept company by Laurie who made me feel very at home and settled me in, I quite happily watched TV until they were ready for me. My anaesthetist Dr Boon and Dr Schumacher both visited to explain the procedure (I may have blocked the details however as too much info could have meant doing a runner at this point!) and I was wheeled down to the operating room where I was treated with a high level of consideration for my personal dignity as possible.

When I came round I was given attention round the clock by some fabulous nurses and Mr Schumacher came in to see me 11pm to see how I was doing.

I have to say it was money and time well spent and I feel like it has taken at least 15 years off of my perimenopausal carcass. More importantly it has given me hope that you don’t just have to accept ageing badly! In fact I enjoyed my stay at Mulberry so much I am sure I can find something else that needs fixing!

I, like the previous reviewee spent lots of time trying to find reviews about Mr Schumacher but kept coming across the founder surgeons. I can’t recommend him enough, he has a great bedside manner and a genuine love of his work and it’s great to come across people whose lives improve others in such a huge way like this.

Thanks eternally to Dr Schumacher, the MyBreast team and the ladies at Mulberry..also to a lovely nurse called Alison who assisted in my surgery! Without you guys I may have continued going ‘downhill’ at a fast pace 😉

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