Holly Saltmarsh - Breast Reduction

"Definitely the best decision I’ve ever made; I’m a totally new person"

As a teenager with a 32H chest, I really struggled a lot with a great deal of things. I had terrible back and shoulder ache, I had trouble fitting into clothes and when I was younger, I used to get bullied at school.

After researching, I decided to give MyBreast a call to book a consultation. My surgeon, Patrick, was absolutely brilliant. Upon meeting, he went through the best options to suit me, establishing exactly what I wanted out of the surgery, as well as his professional opinion of the best way to achieve my goals. Patrick ran through the procedure and aftercare ensuring he answered any questions I had. We arranged a date, I was sent an information pack in the post and before I knew it, the big day had come!

Even in the earliest stages where I was black and blue, I could see what a difference it had made. I was back on my feet after about a week and as the time went on, I could really see the results improving every day.

I would definitely recommend MyBreast; the team were great and Patrick really did a sterling job! Definitely the best decision I’ve ever made; I’m a totally new person.”

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