Karolina via Trust Pilot - Breast Enlargement

"Karolina - Breast Enlargement"

New Year, New Me!

I’ve always wondered what my life would look like if I had bigger breasts. Being a flat chested teenager first and then a mother of two with something that didn’t even look like breasts resulted in my decision to do something about it.

After doing a lot of research and attending various consultations I knew that whilst I was desperate to have the procedure done there is really one important factor that I should consider: TRUST. I realised that I am putting my body in the hands of a surgeon and I need to be absolutely sure that I chose the best one.

It was MyBreast that stood out amongst all other companies, they made me feel safe, comfortable and looked after. MyBreast is founded and run by surgeons; it is probably why they provide such excellent service and aftercare- unlike other companies I visited. MyBreast made it feel that it’s about me and not about the money. Yes, I have paid a little bit more than I was quoted elsewhere but being in good hands, feeling safe and having amazing results, doesn’t have a price tag! It is now January and I am 12 weeks post op. I feel feminine, confident and absolutely thrilled with the results. Thank you MyBreast for making me feel beautiful!

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Best choice I have made