Lana McNaught - Breast Enlargement

"Nurse inspired by successful MyBreast patients"

“I had always wanted bigger boobs. My breasts never really grew when I was a teenager. Nobody ever made me feel bad about myself, but I became slightly obsessed by it, and then a friend had a boob job and made me realise I wanted it more than ever. I have wanted to have it done since I was 18.”

Lana had good reason to think about a breast augmentation. For the past two years she has been a staff nurse at St John’s and St Elizabeth’s Hospital in St John’s Wood, one of the UK’s top private hospitals and one of the selected hospitals used by MyBreast surgeons.

“I had been caring for women undergoing breast augmentation every single working day, and every time I saw their new breasts, I thought, that’s what I want. Seeing them come in, everything going smoothly then go out so pleased with their new breasts, made me want it more and more.”

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