Lynn Drury via TrustPilot - Breast Reduction

"Lynn Drury - Breast Reduction"

I am so delighted with the results of my breast reduction performed by Mr Duncan Atherton that I have recommended my sister to him.

My journey was not easy, I have endured years of Neck Shoulder and Back pain, ridges in my shoulders and to top it all not very nice comments. All of which had affected me both physically and mentally, this I never realised until after my surgery.

My first encounter with MyBreast Organisation was after seeing a programme called embarrassing bodies on TV. I read all there was to read about on the website and then made a request for a call back, I received a phone call from a lady called Sabreen Raju, introducing herself as a patient advisor, she asked what surgery I would be looking for, and then made arrangements for me to see Mr Atherton, she explained what to expect in my consultation with him. I met Mr Atherton, what a truly professional gentleman he was, kind and understanding, he made me feel at ease, I knew I may encounter problems because of my age (67) however, this did not deter him.

I had my surgery in June and have made a remarkable recovery thanks to the brilliant care and attention from both Mr Atherton and Sabreena. I feel great both physically (with no Neck, Back or Shoulder pain) and mentally and it’s so nice to be able to feel good in clothes without the personal comments I’ve had previously, I now have a new found confidence. I cannot thank Mr Atherton and Sabreena Raju enough for their professionalism empathy and understanding. For me a great job a great team thank you.

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