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"Mary - Breast Augmentation"

BA with Mr William Van Niekerk

My experience with MyBreast has been simply exceptional from the very beginning! Overall, I am so happy with my results, experience and communication. I had two consultations initially before I decided to choose to go with My Breast. I felt that Both surgeons and Patient Adviser I have spoken to gave me detailed, honest and in-depth answers to my questions.

My Results

William highlighted that my results will be different to anyone else’s, because everyone has a different shape. Even though I initially referred to photos of my desired look, William assured that I would/”could” only have a certain look/shape that is right for my body: I could only hold a certain CC implant! So, I chose a size that was not too large which would balance out the curves in my body. I wanted slight upper pole fullness yet still a round and full look. I was confident that William will do a good job, as I was informed that a lot of the time he does reconstructive work on patients (which is a much more complicated matter). In my case I wanted a fuller shape so in theory that was a straight forward procedure where William would insure I get the best aesthetic results.


Once I have made my decision my Patient adviser has given me all the information and smallest details I needed. I had a lot of questions but Irena was so friendly and welcoming in her response. All communication has been very friendly, to the point, detailed and professional.

During & Post Surgery

I have never had surgery prior to this, so naturally I was slightly anxious, nervous (but still excited). The staff at the hospital have been excellent. It helped that it was a private hospital! I stayed 1 night and had regular check-ups; staff were so nice and friendly and I felt I was in very good hands indeed.

Follow up Appointments

After my surgery, all my appointments with William went well; 2 weeks after surgery, 6 months and 1 year. 1 year on I am really happy with my results and highly recommend both My Breast and William Van Niekerk as your surgeon. He is a gifted surgeon who is so friendly, understanding and very easy to talk to.

Irena James – my patient advisor has been just fantastic; her approach and communication has really added to the good experience I’ve had with My Breast.

I am really happy with my results 1 year on, I thought after a year my breasts would be softer but William advised this could be a matter of time and because I have small body fat around that area my results are ‘not as soft’. My feeling of sensation has slowly started to come back and I am patient to see how my results will progress! Thank you MyBreast!!

Patient Reviews

A wonderful experience from beginning to end