If the skin above your eyes has drooped, the brow lift procedure from MyBreast can restore a youthful, fresher look to the problem area. Contact us today!

Brow lift

With time and natural ageing, we lose collagen in our skin. This, along with the effect of gravity, cause the underlying muscles to sag and stretch and the effect is wrinkling and sagging of the brow. This allows the eyebrows to droop and push down on the eyelids and eventually eyes. The overall effect is to give the face an older, tired look and can even affect vision and cause headaches.

By lifting the brows and therefore the eyelids, a brow lift can reverse the ageing and wrinkled look that develops over time. This in turn opens up the area around the eyes, reversing any visual problems and improves the overall look of the face and brow. You will look fresher, brighter and younger if this is your problem area.

A brow lift is performed under general anaesthetic and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital. The surgery itself takes approximately 1½ -2 hours to complete. The surgeon will assess you during your meetings with him/her prior to day of surgery and will use a technique suited entirely to your facial structure, skin condition and hairline. All of this information will help determine where the incisions will be made in order to minimise visible scars. The muscles under the skin are tightened and stiched into place to hold the brow in the new position.

It is usually possible to return to work within 10-14 days. The stitches will be removed within 10 days. The surgeon will ensure that scars are hidden under the hairline and are usually minimal, fading over 4-6 months.

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