We specialise in cosmetic surgery, these procedures include breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast augmentation.

Choosing a Non Surgical Clinic

The popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments which includes wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, dermaroller and skin peels, amongst others, is growing. These treatments can be found on the High Street, being offered by both medical and dental clinics, and beauty salons.

The fact that these procedures do not involve surgery and can be temporary, lasting from 3 months to up to a year for wrinkle relaxing injections and fillers, does not mean that they are risk free. They are invasive procedures and require careful thought about the benefits and risks. This means, as in surgical procedures, choosing a clinic and practitioner is an important decision that must be taken carefully in the knowledge that you are in safe and experienced hands.

As a Group of highly experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons who specialise in more permanent procedures, MyBreast’s comprehensive package of treatments and aftercare does not currently offer patients temporary non surgical treatments.


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