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Facelift With Fat Injection

Combining fat injections (a fat transfer) with a facelift is a successful way of restoring volume to the face as well as reducing the signs of ageing around the neck and jaw line. Fat injections or fat grafts rejuvenate the face, reduce wrinkles and create a more plumped, youthful appearance. Fat can be harvested from your own tissue (autologous) or synthetic fillers can be used. Our MyBreast surgeon will agree with you an area where you’d like to take fat from and discuss what outcome you may be able to achieve.

A ‘facelift with fat injection’ isn’t right for everyone as you’ll need to be at least a UK dress size 10-12 to qualify. Unfortunately, we can not consider patients who’s body’s do not have sufficient fat resources.

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Fatty tissue is extracted from one part of the body (usually ‘surplus’ areas such as the abdomen or hips) using a liposuction technique. The fat is treated before being injected (transferred) into the desired part of the face, usually the cheeks, lips, around the mouth or eyes.

Scars associated with the fat injections are minimal and fade over time. In some cases, the fat may disappear with time, therefore a repeat procedure may be required (some patients retain fat grafts better than others).

The procedures will be performed under a general anaesthetic with an overnight stay in hospital.

Combined facial surgery

For those who wish to achieve and maintain a more overall youthful appearance, a facelift (or rhytidectomy) in conjunction with a browlift (endobrow or open brow) and fat transfer (fat injections/fat graft) can deliver the desired results.

A facelift is particularly effective in targeting the signs of ageing around the jaw and neckline.
A fat transfer will restore volume and provide optimum results when combined with a facelift.
A brow lift addresses the ageing process in the upper part of the face and balances the effects of a facelift.

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