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Facial or orthognathic surgery involves repositioning the bones (osteotomies) to achieve a more contoured, harmonious appearance to the forehead, nose and chin.

When a small, retruded or ‘weak’ chin makes the nose appear prominent or the lower lip pendulous, genioplasty (chin surgery) is performed to lengthen or advance the chin.

It is often carried out in conjunction with a rhinoplasty (a nose job) to achieve facial balance. Rhinoplasty is a successful, popular and predictable operation that produces excellent, natural results, with immediate and permanent improvement.

Your surgeon will thoroughly assess the whole face and the relationship between the major segments of the facial bones for the best possible results.

During genioplasty, in order to advance (move forward) the chin, your surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth, exposing the bone of the chin and taking care to protect the nerves that provide sensation to the lip. The lower section of the bone of the chin will be separated from the jaw using specialist surgical cutting equipment and advanced and secured with small screws or metal plates. The wound will be closed and the muscles of the chin reattached in their original position.

The bone heals like any other break and usually takes about six weeks to make a full recovery.

The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and may involve an overnight stay in the hospital.

Other treatments for a small or retruded chin include:

Plumping the chin’s soft tissue with injectable ‘fillers’. A range of materials can be used including collagen, hyaluronic acid (Restylane and Perlane), hydroxyapatite pastes, silicone and Artecoll.

Fat grafting. An increasingly popular option, fat is taken from the abdomen or thigh, then treated by removing excess fluid and oils before being injected into the chin.

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