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Inverted Nipples

Having nipples that point inwards is a relatively common condition that can be rectified by surgery.

The procedure and technique used will be dependant upon the degree of nipple inversion. In some cases, surgery may not be needed. In the mildest forms, a suction device can be used to turn the nipple outwards (evert the nipple).

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Inverted nipples are caused by the shortening of the milk ducts as they come into the nipple. Release or partial division of these ducts is one of the key elements of correction. This involves making an incision and drawing the nipple out to protrude in the desired fashion.

In some cases the nipples go back inwards after surgery and may require a second procedure.

Nipple inversion surgery involves a local anaesthetic and you will be admitted as an outpatient meaning you will be able to go home the same day.

Correction of inverted nipples

The operation is usually performed under a local anaesthetic.

The nature of the surgery is dependent upon the severity of the condition. Normally a small scar is placed at the base of the nipple in order to release the tissues and bring the nipple out. There are occasions when the milk ducts may have to be cut in order to achieve this. Breastfeeding can be affected as a result.

Stubborn inverted nipples can be difficult to fully correct and some recurrence is not unusual.

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Complications of nipple repair include a potential inability to breastfeed where milk ducts have been divided as part of the procedure.

Recurrence of the inversion is uncommon in milder forms but more likely in very inverted nipples.

Very rarely the blood supply to the nipple can be compromised as part of the procedure.

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