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Labiaplasty is the procedure for reshaping and reducing the labia. It is performed on patients who feel their labia minora is too large or augments them in cases where it has become too thin.

The reasons for requesting surgery vary, but it is important to know that the appearance and anatomy of the female genitalia may differ and are all, in general, within the normal range. The labia may always have been large or may have become stretched after childbirth. This may lead to irritation and discomfort when sitting, walking, while wearing tight clothing and when riding bikes. Some women are just embarrassed by the appearance and feel (while having sex) and seek a neater look.

The labia can be altered without sacrificing sensitivity, touching the clitoris or the urethral opening (used for urination). The outer edge of the labia is preserved, the scars are hidden and you have a completely natural look after surgery.

The surgery is usually performed under General Anaesthesia as a Day Case. It is best performed between your periods.

After the operation you are advised to wear a sanitary towel for a week or so as there may be a little bleeding. Initially you will be swollen and you should avoid exercise for at least two weeks and sex for six weeks. The stitches are very fine and dissolve after two to three weeks.

The potential complications from labiaplasty are:

  • Bleeding in the labia which would require you to return to theatre for the blood to be removed
  • Infection (Very rare)
  • Dehiscence (The wound opens and needs to be re-sutured)
  • Painful scars (Very rare. Any hypersensitivity usually settles within six weeks)

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