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Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs / Gynecomastia)

Gynaecomastia is the medical term for an excess of fatty breast tissue that occurs in men and is commonly known as man-boobs or ‘moobs’. This condition is much more common than you think. The excess tissue can develop at puberty or may happen later in life, it is sometimes a response to a hormone imbalance or may be the result of treatment with certain drugs such as steroids.

Sensible dieting and spending a bit more time at the gym may reduce the fatty component of the breast tissue in some men, but in others the only way to improve the appearance and contour of the chest is through male breast reduction surgery.

MyBreast plastic surgeons are among the leading UK specialists in male breast reduction surgery. They are able to offer expert advice on the most appropriate procedure for you.

Following your consultation your MyBreast surgeon will suggest an appropriate operative approach. This may involve direct removal of the tissue from the breast or it might be more appropriate to use liposuction, in cases where there is an excess of skin, a skin reduction may also be required.

All surgery may be associated with risks and your surgeon will discuss these with you, however male breast reduction surgery is generally a safe procedure. It is important to discuss any concerns you have about any aspect of your treatment with your MyBreast surgeon.

Male breast reduction surgery takes place under a general anesthetic and may involve an overnight stay in hospital.

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