Sex, Sport, and Breast Surgery, an experts guide to post-operative recovery

These top tips come from one of the UK’s most senior plastic surgeons as well as a founding Director of MyBreast*, Mr Patrick Mallucci.
They are to be treated as a guide, as every patient recovery is unique and Patrick has to ensure that you were fit and well prior to your breast augmentation, breast uplift or breast enlargement procedure.

1. Immediately after breast surgery

  • Full movement is recommended and a return to normal daily activities should be the norm. There is good evidence to suggest those who mobilize early recover more quickly. It’s normal to have some discomfort in the first week but sensible use of appropriate pain killers should assist with recovery.
  • When breast implants are placed below the muscle the discomfort is probably slightly greater in the first few days.
  • The time it takes for the wound to seal post-surgery differs from person to person. Once the wound has completely sealed, dressings are no longer required and MyBreast recommends scar massage and a moisturising product such as HealGel Intensive from the HealGel range.

2.  Returning to sporting activity

  • During the first weeks post breast augmentation procedure, the wounds are still ‘young’ and not ready for strenuous exercise. It takes about 6 weeks for the scars to reach sufficient wound strength to be able to tolerate all activities.
  • Lower body exercise can be commenced from about 3 to 4 weeks post op depending on individual circumstances. Therefore spinning or using a cross trainer without the arms are fine. Core exercises – abdominal training such as gentle Pilates are also acceptable at this stage.
  • Heavier upper body exercise should be delayed until about 6 weeks post op. Examples include Yoga, tennis, golf, distance swimming, Horse riding and strenuous upper body gym activity.
  • In the case of those who have teardrop implants the restraint on upper body activity should be delayed until about 2 months post operation. The reason for this is to minimise the risk of implant rotation (which in any case is low at 1%-2%). It is thought that over activity of the pectoral (chest) muscles too soon after breast implants prevents the implants from ‘sticking’ in the right position and contributes to potential rotation.

3.  Returning to sexual activity

  • Sexual acts are not restricted by the procedure itself but only gentle palpation of the breasts should be allowed in the first few weeks.
  • Remember it takes 6 weeks to be fully healed (8 weeks in the case of teardrop implants) so the advice is to take it gently.

4.  Other family activities

  • Lifting babies/children can be carried out as soon as it feels comfortable enough to do so, care should be taken and the mantra should always be “if it hurts dont do it”

5.  Reducing scarring

  • Post-surgery, we recommend you take extra care with the skin as it heals.  HealGel Intensive works seamlessly as an emergency treatment for stressed skin, creating a protective barrier, which allows the ten intensely active ingredients to get to work on calming, restoring and protecting your skin.
  • Remember it takes 18 months for scars to fade and reach their final appearance (in some patients it is quicker and in others it can take longer).

6.  Choosing  appropriate underwear

  • We recommend the wearing of a good quality supportive bra for 4-6 weeks after surgery.
  • The function of the bra is to provide comfort and prevent strain on the newly augmented breast tissue.
  • Underwired bras, padded cups and other uplifting push up bras which compress or push the breasts inwards or upwards should be avoided for 6-8 weeks until you feel fully recovered.
  • After recovery Patrick recommends you get professionally fitted for the right sized bra so that you can enjoy the correct comfort and support.

*MyBreast have the most experienced and expert cosmetic plastic surgeons working for them, offering affordable excellence in the UK.

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