Lucy Wingate - Breast Enlargement

"My breasts looked like two fried eggs & I wanted bigger boobs!"

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“I’ve been aware of not feeling ‘womanly’ since I was about 17, and didn’t feel complete, or like I had ‘my fair share’ – I desperately wanted bigger boobs! I’ve never been one of these people who wanted to go to a double D, or look like a glamour model, I just wanted to fill out my bra. I went to my GP and he applied to the NHS for me, but I was turned down. It was then that my GP mentioned MyBreast, and he sent off the application forms.

I thought I would just go for the consultation with MyBreast to find out a bit more. I wasn’t even going to get my boobs out! Simon Withey, my MyBreast surgeon, was absolutely great, and I felt really comfortable with him and the service that MyBreast provided. I had planned to go and check out other places but in the end I didn’t bother.

It’s not just about having bigger boobs – I now feel that all of my curves are in the right place. For the first time I have mounds of breast! Before the operation I wouldn’t even wear halter neck tops because I would have to go without a bra and I hated my shape but it will be wonderful to have so many options to wear now.

I am so pleased I went ahead with the boob enlargement with MyBreast. My new figure has already given me new confidence, although it’s not going to change me completely – I won’t be getting blonde extensions or wearing skimpy outfits. I have wanted it for nine years, but never in a million years thought it would happen to me. I have not done it to attract attention but it will be kind of weird if no one notices – I especially want my ex to notice!”

MyBreast director Simon Withey who performed Lucy’s procedure is really please with the results, “Lucy’s operation was straightforward and no changes had to be made to the careful preoperative plan we had decided on. She certainly looks much more self-confident, she has changed her hair style and her previous stoop and round shoulderedness has been replaced with a more confident upright appearance.”

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