Male Chest Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

The presence of excess fatty breast tissue in men can lead to feelings of embarrassment and can make some men self-conscious of their bodies. Male breast reduction surgery can help to relieve the effects of gynaecomastia, helping you to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

If excess breast tissue is having an impact on your life, our expert surgeons may be able to help.

At a glance


Surgery time
1-2 hours


Hospital stay
Day case


6 weeks

Brief Case

Time off work
2 weeks


Safe to exercise
6 weeks


Long haul travel
6 weeks


Gynaecomastia is the medical term for an excess of fatty breast tissue that occurs in men and is commonly referred to as man-boobs or ‘moobs’. The excess tissue can develop at puberty or may happen later in life, it is sometimes a response to a hormone imbalance or may be the result of treatment with certain drugs such as steroids. This condition is far more common than you make think.

Often the first suggested treatment for gynaecomastia is sensible dieting and spending a bit more time at the gym to reduce the fatty component of the breast tissue. This can work in some circumstance, but in others the only way to improve the appearance and contour of the chest is through male breast reduction surgery.

Our surgeons are among the leading UK specialists in male breast reduction surgery. We can discuss your individual circumstances to determine what is the best approach for you and offer expert advice on if a male breast reduction procedure is the most appropriate way forward.

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