Welcome to your step-by-step breast surgery guide. It's here were we've taken the time to clearly explain every part of your Mybreast journey.

Your Journey With MyBreast

There are three main steps to surgery: consultation and planning, surgery and aftercare. The following explains exactly what you can expect at each stage.

  1. Book your first consultation with your surgeon and confirm with a £25 payment. You will then receive the profile of your surgeon through the post.
  2. Next you will receive an appointment reminder via text/email prior to your consultation.
  3. After your first consultation you will receive a follow-up call from your patient co-ordinator. They will discuss your consultation and determine your next steps or, if required, book a second consultation.
  4. Call MyBreast to discuss possible surgery dates. Your surgery date will be secured after paying a deposit.
  5. You will receive a confirmation letter and will need to pay the remaining surgical fee to MyBreast no later than 21 days before the date of your surgery. Find out more about costs and finance.
  6. After an overnight stay in hospital, a follow-up consultation will be booked for you. Please ensure you follow all the MyBreast’s post surgery aftercare guidelines.
  7. We offer unlimited follow-up appointments with the surgeon who performed your operation as we believe our commitment to you extends beyond surgery.

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