This page is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions received at Mybreast, regarding all parts of the surgery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyBreast aims to be an unrivalled source of information on all the types of surgery that we offer, including breast enlargement, male breast reduction, breast lift, implant exchange and nipple correction.

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How much will breast enlargement cost?

How will MyBreast care for me after surgery?

How much time off will I need?

When will I be able to go back to the gym?

Will augmentation affect the sensation in my nipples?

How much will male breast reduction surgery cost?

The cost of breast surgery in the UK varies, your consultant plastic surgeon will discuss prices with you at your consultation.

The cost of each procedure is dependant on each individual and each person that chooses MyBreast has a package that it tailored to their exect needs.

We offer pre-operative consultations with an accredited surgeon; an overnight stay at a top UK hospital; a choice of high-quality implants; personalised before and aftercare; a lifetime follow-up policy and five-year aftercare as standard, with no hidden costs. To find out more about costs call us on 0870 780 4000.

How will MyBreast care for me after surgery?

MyBreast believes your relationship with your surgeon should not end once your operation is finished. Our lifetime aftercare policy includes post-operative check-ups as part of your surgery package. You can relax in the knowledge that we have everything covered. Your implants are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Find out more about our lifetime aftercare committment.

How much time off will I need?

If your job is sedentary or office-based, it is often possible to return to work within a few days or a week. Many patients in the UK choose to take two weeks off work.

Picking up small children will be difficult for the first fortnight after surgery and you may need to arrange for help during this period. Sexual activity should be avoided for at least the first week following surgery.

In general, listen to your body: if parts of you are still tender to touch you are wise to stay rested.

When will I be able to go back to the gym?

Strenuous activities, especially arm movements, may be uncomfortable for two to three weeks post cosmetic surgery. During this time you may enjoy long walks but a full return to exercise will take longer.

If your implants are under the muscle, you should expect to wait six weeks before going back to the gym and resuming a normal routine. If your implants are over the muscle, you will find this period is a little shorter, often four weeks after surgery.

Saving your energy to heal your body after surgery is the most sensible way to reduce the risk of complications.

Will augmentation affect the sensation in my nipples?

In the vast majority of cases, male chest augmentation will not cause any change in nipple sensation.

As every individual and every case is unique, it is advisable to discuss your needs with your surgeon.

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